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350GPH Boat Bilge Pump
+ 3/4 Bilge Pump Hose Kit
+ Automatic Float Switch
 photo Bilge 350GPH  Hose  Float Switch Mr Boats_zpsbalxzyiz.jpg
12 Volt Fully Submersible
For use on BOATS ONLY
This is a high quality boat bilge pump. Perfect for boats from 8ft up to 30ft. It's compact so it can fit into small spaces. Its easy to install.Comes with tinned wire tails for more resistance against salt water & corrosion.
It can also be used in live boat tanks, to fill the tanks up or use it as a circulation pump to keep your bait alive.
This listing comes complete with the 3/4 Bilge pump hose kit to suit.
  • 12-Volt Compact, fully submersible electric pump
  • Extremely efficient, very low current draw and high capacity output
  • Easy to clean snap lock strainers
  • Water cooled long-life motor
  • Ignition protection
  • Water tight seals
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Rustproof and corrosion resistant
  • Silent and vibrationless operation
  • Anti-airlock protection
  • Comes with a easy to readuser manual, installation instructions & wiring diagram
  • 1 Year warranty. Warranty only covers use in boats. Not ponds basements or fish tanks etc. A picture will need to be provided with the pump fitted in the boat for any warranty claims.
  • Voltage: 12V DC
  • Flow capacity:350 Gallons per hour -22 Litres per minute
  • Max. delivery head: 3.8 metres (height of vertical water flow up pipe)
  • Current draw: Only1.8 Amp
  • Hose Outlet: Suits 20mm (3/4")dia hose
  • Approvals: CE
  • Twin core wire: 750mm long
Width: 60mm (Base)
Outlet: 20mm, 3/4" (Outside)
 photo 350GPHBILGEPUMPDIMENSIONSMRBOATS500_zps0102d1c9.gif
Easy to remove from base to clean the strainer
3/4 " Bilge Pump Plumbing / Installation Kit
Ever gone to fit a bilge pump? Then found out you need some hose and fittings.
Well this is a convenient kit with most of everything you need to install a bilge pump in your boat.
Comes with:
6ft of 3/4 " plastic bilge hose
Plastic through-hull fitting
Two stainless steel clamps
This automatic bilge pump float switch can be used on any 12 -32 volt (360-2500GPH) bilge pump. The float switch turns on when the water level exceeds 2 inches (51mm) then automatically turns off when the level drops below 3/4inch (19mm).
This switch doesn't use any mercury so its safe to use around people and friendly for the enviroment as well.
  • Suitable for 12V-32V bilge pumps, with a maximum of 30 Amps
  • Automatically turns your bilge pump on when the water level is over 2 inches (51mm)
  • Automatically turns pump off when water level drops below 3/4 inches (19mm)
  • Tough thermoplastic body
  • Heavy-duty nylon housing
  • Mercury Free (Very Safe)
  • Submersible and Ignition protected
  • Sillent Vibration Free Operation
  • Comes with a easy to read user manual, installation instructions & wiring diagram
  • CE certifications
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Voltage: 12 - 32V DC
  • Current draw: 30 Amp max
  • Approvals: CE
  • Twin core wire: 750mm long
Height: 60mm
Width: 140mm (Base)
Packaging Front and back
Package Includes:
1 X 350GPH Bilge pump + Hose Kit
  • Pump
  • Base
  • Instructions
  • 6ft 3/4 " Black Hose
  • 2 X 12 SS-Hose Clamps
  • 1 X 1 1/8 White Thru-Hull Fitting
  • 1 X Bilge pump float switch


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