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Lil Champ Junior Kid's
Trainer Water Ski's

 photo Island Inflatables KIDs SKIS 700 mR bOATS copy_zps7ja4qfwp.jpg

Lil Champ Junior Trainers - What a great idea !
These are just the perfect pair of skis for little ’uns to learn on.
Both skis are ‘soft’ secured front and back to allow a natural feel of movement on the water but WITHOUT letting the skis drift apart. Children learn to ski in a ‘heartbeat’ with this easy and practical RM design. Skier has an individual trainer handle to hold for balance.  Parent or teacher has a separate handle & rope for control from the boat.
  • Available with kid’s size ‘Easy Rider’ quick adjust bindings.
  • Size: 122 cm
Package Includes:
  • Lil Champs Waterski's
  • Short Trainer ski rope
  • Normal Trainer ski rope


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