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DUAL BATTERY SWITCH With LOCKING KEY ✱ HIGH QUALITY GREY ✱ 4 Position Suits Boat Caravan Truck 4X4 $WD

DUAL BATTERY SWITCH With LOCKING KEY ✱ HIGH QUALITY GREY ✱ 4 Position Suits Boat Caravan Truck 4X4 $WD
$ 49.95 AUD
Dual Battery Selector Switch
Heavy Duty GREY
 photo HDUTY GRET BATTERY SIWTCH W KEYS 700 MR BOATS copy_zps0k0rldqk.jpg
Suits 6V up to 32V
This Dual Battery switch with KEY is a must for anyone that has 2 batteries.
Designed for marine use but it is also perfect to use in Caravans, 4WD as this battery switch won't corride. This is our best Quality & Heaviest Duty Battery Switch.
The switch has 4 positions:
Turn Battery #1 on for when you are stopped and have your accessories running.
eg Radio's, lights, tv etc.
Then when you're ready to start up your boat, motor home or 4WD, turn the switch to Battery #2 which is still fully charged because no accessories have been running off this battery while stopped.
Once your motor is warm and will start first crank, you stop your engine, turn the switch to both, and restart your engine (never turn the switch while your running your engine). This will then charge both batteries while your underway.
At the end of the day turn the Switch to the off position. Once again this will preserve your batteries life and charge. It also acts as a deterrent to thiefs because if they go to hotwire your boat or motorhome there will be no power to the motor.
Product Description:
  • Dual battery switch
  • 4 positions:
    • On Battery 1
    • On Battery 2
    • On Both batteries
    • Off
  • Clicks safely into desired position
  • Prolongs battery life when in use or not
  • Can be used with 6 Volts to up 32 Volts
  • Solid UV Stabilised Stylish GREY housing. Will not corride
  • Brass terminals, nuts and washers
  • 4 Mounting holes (Screws not included)
  • Easy to install
  • Voltage rating: 6v up to 32v
  • Rated at:
500A at 12V for 5 minutes
250A at 24V for 5 minutes
310A at 12V continuous load maximum
155A at 24V continuous load maximum
  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 160mm
    • Length: 160mm
    • Height: 70mm
These switches are high quality and a must on any boat.
 photo HDuty Grey batteryswitch with key Squence Mr Boats copy_zpsipihb7zl.jpg
 photo Battery Switch GREYw Key Dia Mr boats copy_zpsppphjz0j.jpg
 photo hdUTY BATTERY SWITCH grey W keys 700 mR BOATS copy_zpskaqrszgy.gif
 photo Battery Switch GREYw Key Dia 2 Mr boats copy_zpskanpjtwd.jpg
 photo Battery switch GREY Back Mr boats copy_zpsdsdzk6mg.gif
 photo Battery switch GREY diamensions Mr Boats copy_zpsvlnut6uk.jpg
Package Includes:
  • 1 X GREY Dual Battery switch with Locking Key


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