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Shallow mount Speaker System

 photo FUSION SOUND PANEL 700 MR BOATS copy_zpsevdxtytc.jpg
Introducing the new FUSION Sound-Panel, a revolutionary new speaker system made for boating enthusiasts and the diverse needs of different vessels. The Sound-Panel solves the age-old problem of delivering professional sound quality from the limitations of shallow mounting depths often required in many installations.
The Sound-Panel boasts two silk dome tweeters, two custom 4" speaker drivers and a bass radiator, all perfectly tuned to the Sound-Panel enclosure. Together this delivers 200 Watts of powerful and high quality audio to your vessel.
 photo Sound-panel-details-_zpshf4kvu5h.gif
The Sound-Panel is rated IP65 for protection in the harsh marine environment from the front and rear of the enclosure. Making it perfect for installation on the outside or inside of a boat.
 photo Sound bar weather proof Mr Boats copy_zpsnqyxwghe.jpg
Optional mounting spacer accessories are available to suit the variable mounting depths of every boat. There are four mounting options available:
 photo Sound panel mounting solutions Mr Boats copy_zps2ycy08np.jpg
FLUSH – With only a 41mm required depth the RV-FS402W will fit flush in most locations.
19MM WALL DEPTHS – With new technology available in construction the RV-FS402W can be semi mounted into the cavity by using the 22mm spacer.
25MM WALL DEPTHS – By using the 16mm spacer the RV-FS402W will semi mount into normal construction panels.
 photo sound-panel-1_zpshvbsrtfo.jpg
SURFACE MOUNT – Installs directly onto any flat surface with no cut out required. Tosurface mount you'd need to purchase 1 of the additional 3 size mounts as an accessory.
 photo Sound bar panel diamensions Mr Boats copy_zpsu1sut6vc.jpg
QUICK AND SIMPLE INSTALLATION – The RV-FS402W is designed for easy installation, saving time and money. The Sound-Panel incorporates a pair of speakers, tweeters and passive radiator. Both the left and right speaker wires from the source unit or amplifier only need to be routed to one location for connection. Only a single cut out is required.
STAINLESS HARDWARE – Stainless steel mounting hardware is included with the RV-FS402W. This limits corrosion and tea staining and keeps the RV-FS402W looking great season after season.
The RV-FS402W is an all inclusive solution. The sealed design protects all drivers and components from being damaged if mounted in cupboards or cavities or outside exposed to the elements.
 photo Sound bar sample pic Mr Boats copy_zpsr6tx5aol.jpg
Avaliable in both WHITE
 photo Soundbar White Mr Boats copy_zps7sy4n86i.jpg
 photo Sound bar black Mr Boats copy_zps7tzom8p2.jpg
Package Includes:
  • Sound Panel BLACK Colour
  • Wiring
  • Mounting screws


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