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Island Inflator pumps in 3 versions:
Our high-pressure inflator pumps are adjustable from 1 PSI up to a maximum of 12 PSI (Depending on which model you purchase). By delivering around 500 liters/minute, electric pump will inflate a typical 14' boat in about 8-10 minutes.
High-pressure inflator pumps with the automatically stop feature, will stop at the pressure level that you select. It comes with a set of generic multi valve adapters. Or you can fit the valve end of your brand of inflatable boat directly into the end of the hose.
Once you've used one of these pumps, you'll never manually pump your boat again, because you no longer need a hand pump.
These pumps are not only excellent for quickly inflating boats and rafts, but also great for quickly filling inflatable high-pressure air deck floors and stand up paddleboards to up to 12psi air pressure. Without a high-pressure electric inflator, you'd have to use a hand pump for around 15-20 minutes, under the hot sun, which might not be your idea of fun. With these magic pumps, you will be ready to roll in under 10 minutes with no effort at all.
All high-pressure air pumps now come equipped with a set of generic plastic adaptors designed to fit most of air valves on a market and specialized valve adaptor designed to fit Island's Naru valves. Choose correct adaptor that will fit nicely into air valve, and will press pushpin down when inserted for proper inflation. After inflation, when adaptor is removed, valve will lock automatically preventing air from escaping. 
All you need to do is choose the best pump out of the 2 models we offer to suit your purpose the best. If you have any questions about our pumps please feel free to call our frendeily staff on 02 9532-0002 and we'll be more then happy to help find you the right pump for your needs.
Island Standard Pump: $195
Basic model of High Pressure Air Pump without battery.
  • High-Speed fan and High-Pressure piston pump.
  • Automatic Stop when chosen pressure is reached.
  • Reliable design to reduce wear.
  • Gator clips for quick connection to the car battery.
  • All necessary adaptors are included.
  • FREE soft carry bag with included.
 photo GP80-High-pressure-electric-pump_smIsland_zpsseor2szb.jpg
Island Deluxe Pump (Our most popular pump) $295
Electric Digital High Pressure Pump with Battery include.
  • High-Speed fan pump and High-Pressure piston pump. 
  • Digital Gauge to display current air pressure readings in KPA or PSI.
  • Automatic Stop when chosen pressure is reached.
  • Reliable combination of Turbine & Piston to reduce wear.
  • All necessary adaptors are included to fit most air valves.
  • Internal rechargeable battery, allowing to take deluxe pump almost anywhere.
  • Packing dimensions is 14"x8"x8". Shipping weight is 13lbs.
  • FREE soft carry bag with storage compartments and carry strap.
 photo Deluxe pump_zps3ybwr2pk.jpg
Our Electric Air Pumps are perfect for inflating:
  • Inflatable boats.
  • Inflatable rafts.
  • Inflatable kayaks. 
  • Drop-stitch high-pressure air floors.
  • Inflatable stand up paddleboards (SUP's).
  • Inflatable fenders, and many more inflatable products...
 photo inflatable-boat-raftsISLAND_zps7avczcxm.jpg
 photo Island_100x40mm_vinyl_1000.jpg


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