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 photo UT2Maincopy_zpsba5760cd.gif
Bat Wing Style Tube 76 Inch / 192 cm 
2 Person Tube. The UT-2  tube looks great and is made out of high quality materials. If your a kid or a adult you'll be having FUN on the water in no time. Hold on and let this tube take you for a ride. Comfortable sit on tube with Bat Wings. Easy to hold handles makes this tube a pleasure to ride.
What sets this tube apart from all the others is the colour scheme and high quality. There is no other tube that looks this good.
  • Flat with Bat Wing Tube Design
  • Sit on tube
  • Heavy-Duty  Nylon Cover with Zipper
  • Heavy Gauge (650 Denier) PVC Bladder
  • Quick Connect Tow System
  • Double Webbing EVA Foam Handles
  • EVA Foam Padded Knuckle Guards
  • Speed Safety Valve for quick inflatation & deflation
  • Self Bailing Drain Vent
  • Reinforced Tow System
  • 2 Rider Tube
  • Deflates size: 76" (192cm) x 62" 157cm)
  • Inflated size: 65" (164cm) x 57" (144cm)
 photo UT2FrontViewcopy_zpsde7a19da.gif
The UT-2 Tube is manufacutred from Heavy Duty 650 Denier PVC for the inner tube. The outta cover is made from a High Quality, Durable 50 Gauge Polyester material. All materials come with a 1 year warranty.
 photo UT2TopViewcopy_zpsda74270b.gif
2 Rider Capacity. X-LARGE 76 Inch / 192cm
 photo UT2DiaViewcopy_zpsf6ff013f.gif
 photo UT2BottomViewcopy_zpsba40e492.gif
 photo UT2BoxFront1MrBoats_zpsf1d4d993.gif
 photo UT2DiaBoxcopy_zpsf080b8c3.gif
 photo UT2BoxSide2copy_zps380912b5.jpg
 If your after the same tubes as this but in either a 1 or 3 Person tube we have you covered. We offer these 1 or 3 rider tubes in my ebay store. Get the complete 1,2,3 set.
 photo UT1UT2UT3TripleFRONTstackcopy_zps4e43d39d.gif
Please Note: I've checked several other brands before deciding to stock UT-2 tubes in my store. The reason I have chosen UT-2 over the other brands is I believe these Tubes use quality materials, are made to high standards.
These aren't cheapy tubes.
Package Includes:
  • 1 x  UT-2 Ski Tube


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