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1 x TORQUE 12V Inflator / Deflator

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Torque air pump
Whens the best time to pump up your ski tube??? Before you leave for the river? But there's no room in your car or the boat for a fully inflated tube. Well dont worry because with this cool little Torque skit tube pump you can keep your tube deflated until you hit your tubing spot and then inflate your tube or ski buscuit on the spot.
Product Description
  • Ideal for inflating and deflating ski tubes, inflatable boats, air mattresses, pool toys, etc.
  • 12V DC - Plugs into cigarette lighter power socket
  • Power supply must be 12V only
  • Large air volume at low pressure
  • Light weight and portable for easy operation
  • Comes complete with 5 separate valve adaptors
  • For intermittent use only - Duty cycle: 30 minutes
Package Includes:
  • 12V Torque Pump
  • 5 Universal connections


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