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TRAC Fluid/Oil Extractors
Change your oil through the dipstick tube and pump most any other fluid! For all types of motors, watercraft and vehicles.  Use a TRAC fluid extractor for oil changes and the removal of fuel, coolant and transmission fluid. Use it to pump out
bilge water and trapped fluids. Perfect for any situation where draining is difficult.
Self-priming pumps create a powerful vacuum to remove almost any non-corrosive liquid.  It’s an easier, cleaner way to drain engines with hard-to-reach drain plugs.
  • Tank-style pumps with two different sized extraction tubes.
  • Clamp holds tubes for tidy storage.  No parts floating around to get lost.
  • Self-Priming
  • Ideal for nearly all forms of fluid extraction (not for corrosive fluids, such as acids)
  • Includes: cap, adapters and hoses
Hose Sizes
Black Extraction Tube:
Outer Diameter – 0.34 (11/32)” / Length – 8′
Clear Drain Tube:
Inner Diameter – 0.50 (1/2)” / Length – 8′

 photo Trac Extractor pumps 7 litre Squence 700 Mr Boats copy_zpseirehnzd.gif

 photo 7liter_hoseclip_zpsu2aojwn8.jpg

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 photo fluid_ext_7liter_hose_lg_zpsw03gutue.jpg
Package Includes:
  • TRAC 7 Litre Fluid Extractor pump
  • Cap
  • Adaptors
  • Hoses


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