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Parsun Outboards

Our Parsun high quality outboard motors come in 2 stroke & 4 Stroke, ranging in Horsepower from 2.5hp to 40hp. Available in both short and long shaft. Options include, tiller steer or forward controls, as well as manual start or electric start.

Who is Parsun?

The Parsun outboard motor brand and network has been growing continuously worldwide. The global network consists of countries such as USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Russia, South Africa and of course Australia.

Parsun has left the competition struggling to drop their pricings because of the affordability and quality of their outboards. Their impact has been felt on a global scale and this Chinese company has exceeded consumer expectations in terms of quality manufacturing, development and design.


We know that when you're out enjoying yourself fishing, exploring or hard at work, you need an outboard motor that will get you back to shore safely every time. With Parsun's stringent testing system you have nothing to worry about. Apart from the thousands of hours it takes to design an outboard, the final test that each model goes through is 500hrs of non-stop running at full throttle. When we say "every model" it means every model. For example in the 25hp 4-Stroke range, Parsun just didn't run one 25hp for 500hrs, they tested all in that range. So if you added up all the testing, just for the 25hp range it comes to a total of 3000hrs at full throttle.

Each individual outboard motor is manually tuned in a test tank and run at low varying revs for 1 hour before getting the final tick of approval. A process most other outboard manufactures don't do. They may grab 1 motor out of every few hundred to test.