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4 Stroke Outboards

Parsun 4 Stroke Outboards

Parsun Outboards is a company which produces very high quality 4stroke outboards. They prioritise the following key factors: quality of work, customer satisfaction, and competitive pricing. The company realises that these three are important in order to succeed in this line of business however they also understand that passion for what they do is the most crucial of all.

They produce outboards in various sizes - short or long shaft. At the same time, they also offer manual and electrical outboard models depending on the client’s requirements. All of which are tried and tested in their factories. They make sure that every piece of the outboard is on par with their quality control standards. Hence, once they are assembled and completed, the Parsun marine engine is at tip-top shape and working flawlessly.

The Parsun outboard motors have a 1-year factory warranty for their new engines. Aside from having warranties for their new engines, they also sell outboard engine parts in case you may need to replace some parts of your outboard motor. They provide these great services because they believe that a positive customer feedback should always be guaranteed. Satisfaction for the quality of their work should be emphasised in order to have a good reputation in the outboard industry which will consequently bring them more referrals and more sales.

Furthermore, Parsun Outboards are competitively priced when compared to other outboard companies in the market. Their products are all passed and certified by the EPA standards and the European CE. You can easily save up to 40% if you purchase Parsun Outboards because of their low cost. They are able to achieve this low pricing because they have already streamlined their business operations and have used economies of scale to their advantage.

Parsun Outboard Motors has become widely known all over the world. Their markets now include countries such as USA, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden, and South Africa, among others. They are also expanding towards Asian market and are looking to expand even more. So if you are looking for a quality, cost-efficient, and customer-friendly outboard supplier, then choose only the best - Parsun Outboard Motors.