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Dear Gary,

In April this year I purchased an Island Inflatable IA365 from you. Since then I;ve used it extensively around Cape York and have been extremely impressed with it.

The first time I used it was to travel down the Archer River, from the Archer River Roadhouse to Arukun- a distance of 150 kilometres through remote wilderness. The boat arrived the day before, so I hadn't even had a chance to unpack it.

This trip was fairly challenging as the river was very low at this stage. The other party had a 12 foot dinghy which the had to push moch of the time The inflatable floated in only a few inches of water, despite behing very heavily loaded. We saw a large number of crocodile.

We encountered many obstacles on the trip, mainly tree swamps and fallen trees which had to be cut out of the way. We also had to negotiate three sets of rapids. The trip took us ten days in all. During this time the inflatable did not suffer a sinle tear, rip or leak.

Since them I have used this boat on numberous other occasions. In October we used it in the Mitcheel River, and caught around 50 barramundi from it over the course of a week. Again, not a single pucture or leak. I also too it over to Chilli Beach on the east coast of the Cape.

I find it ideal for use in Cape York as the roads will destroy boat trailers very quickly. It is also ideal for accessing creeks for hunting, when beached it can be easily relaunched. Once person can easily carry, launch and retrieve it as necessary.

I've enclosed some photographs showing the boat in use. The majority are of the Archer River. Others are of Waldon Creek, the Wenlock River, the Mitchell River and Chilli Beacj. Please feel free to use these photos as you like. I'd appreciate it if you credit me if you use them for promotional purposes.

I'd like to congratulate you on the fantastic product that you have in the inflatable boats. I've been constantly surprised by their toughness, durability and performance and look forward to using it on many other trips.

Kind Regards,

Richard Webb

- Richard Webb

Thanks Gary,

They will be fitted to the inflatable I purchased off you last year.  Since then the Island Inflatable boat has travelled up the West Coast to Port Hedland, Dampier, Ningaloo Reef, Onslow and many places in between without any sign of trouble.  I have a 9.9 Suzuki 2stroke on the back and goes like a rocket.  If you ever need someone to back up your product don't hesitate to use my name.

Bob Dunlop

PS - Do you sell the 'crocodile teeth repelant spray', could have used that last trip!

- Bob Dunlope

Gooday from Tin Can Bay my wfe and i recently purchaced a IA290 Islander WHAT A GAS we travel around QLD with a 4 x4 Pajero towing a SPORTLINER A/VAN .We do the BASS TO BARRA TRAIL in the great south east of QLD 5 dams within 450 km from home all are fish impoundments well stocked and maintained with great water side camping and caavan facilities. We used to carry a 3 m tinnie with 6hp outboard on RIHNO RACKS as a roof topper set up .But now with the IA290 keeps the BOSS HAPPY. NO BLOODY GREAT WIND RESISTANCE AND SAFER DRIVEING NO BOAT RAMP RAGE, PUSHING ,SHOVEING ,YELLING AND SWEARING to get the tinnie on and of the 4x4 Now just open the boot unzip the bag inflate IA290 attach motor and go fishing come back deflate put it in the bag and whack in the boot makes it so easy The BOSS named it our DIVORCE SAVER Turned the TINNIE into XXXX AULIMINIUM BEER CANS When we come home and have all of Tin Can Bay and Great Sandy Straits to play in so thank you and HAPPY ISLADERING
Gooday Gary back from the dams run last week 2.9 islander is great and went well got a lot of interest in it .Cant help myself have since purchased a PARSUN 3.6short shaft out board from local dealer which is good besause it is so lite to carry and attach to Island Inflatabe .. Didn/t do too well in the fishing dept as weather has been a bit cool for Barra . But had a good time swapping lies around the camp fire and bragging about my new toys, hope you sell plenty at the boat show
regards brian

- Brian Williams

Hi Garry,
I would like to give you an update of our recent trip to the NSW North Coast with the Island Inflatable IA330.
Our aim was to use the IA330 to get to isolated fishing locations and fish from the shore or islands. Because of all our gear and the hectic schedule for the trip, which included covering stories for Fisherman & Boatowner Magazine, the IA 330 was normally inflated and deflated the same day, a good test for us and the boat.
We headed to the NSW North Coast straight after the ‘once in a century flood’, March 2009. So launching and getting about in places from the Nambucca River and just north of there was a test because of the sediment, the large amount of debris and the thick mud.
Inflating the boat was a breeze with the new Island Inflator Pump. First time use requires getting use to dialling in the correct pressure at which point the pump automatically shuts off, a very nice feature. This let us organise other gear for the trip and cut set up time significantly.
I used a small portable battery supply for the pump which enabled us to set up close to the water but noted that you can use your cars cigarette lighter for this purpose.
After a bit of practice, we normally had the boat ready to go in about 15 minutes. A nice feature when carrying the boat is the rear carry handles located on the inner edge of the tubes. So a third person was not required to help move it. 
The larger than normal tubes are a great advantage not only from having the extra buoyancy but because the seat positions are higher, making it more comfortable.
I was using a 5hp 2 stroke outboard to power the IA330, which planed one up, maintaining a nice steady pace, providing best performance in the middle of the rev range. Steering the IA330 was better than other types of inflatable boats I have used because of the deep v inflatable hull.
The boat was used regularly with 3 people over shorter distances of say 3 to 4 kilometres which suited our purposes fine.
If you want to carry any load and get the best performance out of this hull, for regular use I would use a 15hp as recommended by Island Inflatable Boats. With this package I would definitely purchase the new Inflator Pump and for added convenience on this larger hull, a set of fold away transom mounted wheels.
The boat was easy to clean given the amount of mud we experienced and folds away easily into its bag. If I was feeling good, I could load into our wagon by myself, but using two people makes it very easy.
Thanks Garry for the IA330. The boat is a solid performer and having the flexibility to enter the water where we liked was a bonus.
Ross Tyler

- Ross Tyler

Richard's has been at it again

We don't recommend that anybody does this type of punishemnt to our Island Inflatables boats. But " HEY " if somebody has and the Island Inflatable has survived. We are going to show you it. Click on read more to see a very novel way of exploring remote places.  

Thanks for the pictures


Garry Baikovas

Island Inflatables

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- Richard Webb