ePropulsion NAVY 3 EVO / 6HP Electric Outboard Motor Long Shaft with HYDROGENERATION

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The Industry first EVO

Hydrogeneration Capability

Direct-Drive   6HP


The NAVY 3.0 is a 6HP equivalent electric outboard motor designed for performance and quietness. The hydrogeration function is great for sustainable sailing experience. The brushless DC motor inside the NAVY 3.0 is placed at the bottom and surrounded by water allowing direct and effective cooling. A gearbox free design eliminates noise and maintenance requirements commonly seen with gas outboard motors. The built-in motor protection slows or stops the motor when it collides with objects underneath the water. More time can now be spent enjoying the trip instead of spending hours or days with the beloved mechanic! When the NAVY 3.0 electric outboard motor is paired with a NAVY battery on a 12ft boat, it can run for 4 hours at half throttle (Battery NOT Included). All these features unite to create an electric outboard motor that is perfect for cruising, fishing and other water activities.


Other Accessories Needed for Operation (Not Included):

  • Navy Bluetooth TILLER control
  • Navy Bluetooth REMOTE control
  • E-Series Batteries
  • Navy Battery


Package Includes:

  • Navy 3 Electric outboard
  • Long Shaft


Power 3KW
Power Compatible with a Petrol motor 6hp
Shaft Length Long Shaft
MAX Propeller RPM 1800 rpm
Weight 17kg
Attaching method 2 Clamp Screws
Waterproof rating IP67


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