Parsun Outboards


Island Inflatables’ PARSUN Outboards are certified top-quality outboard motors that are available in 2-stroke and 4-stroke, with horsepower that ranges from 2.5hp to 40h, and come in both short and long shaft. You can also choose from tiller steer or forward controls, and between manual or electric start.


Not just in the country, PARSUN outboard motor brand and network has actually been expanding worldwide. Included in the network are the USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Russia, and South Africa.

With the stiff competition, PARSUN struggled to drop their price since their outboards are known for being affordable and high in quality. Their force has been experienced globally and this Chinese company has surprisingly surpassed client expectations when it comes to quality manufacturing, design and development.


PARSUN understands that when you’re out there on the water, whether fishing, exploring or working, you require an outboard motor that can safely bring you back to the shore when needed. You’re definitely in good hands with PARSUN, as ensured with its strict testing system. Aside from the numerous number of hours involved in designing an outboard, the last test that every model undergoes is 500 hours of non-stop running at full force. And we mean every single model. For instance, in the 25hp 4-stroke range, PARSUN did not just run one 25hp model for 500 hours, they tested each and every model in that range. If you sum up all that testing, for the 25hp range alone, the total would be 3000 hours at full force.

What differentiates us from most other outboard manufacturers is that every single outboard motor is tuned in manually in a test tank and run at low varying revs for an hour before finally being verified and approved. Other companies may just test 1 motor out of a few hundred. That is PARSUN’s badge of ultimate reliability and credibility.