Island Inflatables

Island Inflatable boats are a great way to get you out on the water, for some fun in the sun, without the hassles of a conventional fibreglass or aluminium boat. Island Inflatable boats fit into a convenient carry bag for the ease of transporting and storage. You don’t need a backyard to own a boat anymore because our Island Inflatable boats take up minimum space when not in use.

Choose from our wide range of cheap inflatable boats, from 2m up to 4.3m catering for the needs of any boater. Models are perfect to use as a tender to your larger cruiser or yacht. White in colour with non-marking black trimmings look the part behind any brand of cruiser. These smaller models are also a great entry boat for any young child wanting to experience their first taste of independent boating in complete safety.

Models from 3.3m up to 4.3m come in an attractive light grey colour to hide any of those unavoidable marks that come with fishing and boating. The light grey colour doesn’t rise in tempreture (darker boats are normally 15 degrees hotter). Caravan and Camping? Extend your tour further than just the land! If you’re into spear fishing or scuba diving, the 4.3m inflatable boat for sale comes with plenty of space.

The Island Inflatable boat range is constantly growing with unique designs like the KA396 Cross over Kayak Inflatable boat. There is no other design like this available in Australia. Giving you the benefits of a canoe being able to venture up small estuaries & creeks under the power of a small outboard or paddles, while giving you the stability of a inflatable boat. The KA396 also makes a very good fishing platform for up to 2 people.

At Island Inflatables we aren’t just an inflatable boat dealer, we always have 2 new models being developed at the 1 time. After designing and extensive testing the models will then be released only to be replaced with another 2 new models on the drawing board. We have found this method the most effective way to spend time & effort to produce a very high quality inflatable boat.

Island Inflatable boats Australia also have a range of Inflatable boat accessories. We stock products such as the Bimini Sun Shade with mounting system (Works on most brands of inflatables). No need for glueing or modifying! Other accessories include Island Inflator 12v pump with automatic pressure cut-off, seat bag (With carry-bag) bow bag, seat bases with bucket seats, pumps, spare parts and much more!

Since the release of the first Island Inflatable back in 2007, we have rapidly become one of the top selling brands of high quality, cheap inflatable boats and accessories throughout Australia. Keep an eye out for the distinctive internal rear carry handles so you know you’re looking at an Island Inflatable.