2.9m/9.6FT ISLAND INFLATABLE BOAT: WOOD – FLOOR, Australian Designed, Quality Build, Thermo Welded Seams

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WOOD – Floor
White / Black Trimming

Looking for the perfect cruiser or yacht tender? What about an inflatable boat that’s easy to pack away and pull out when your holidays roll round? You need Island Inflatables’ 2.9m boat with a wood floor. Complete with 2 seats and carefully designed and manufactured to make it just the thing for getting out on the water hassle-free, there’s no roll-up boat better than ours.

Designed for the Australian Climate & Way of Life

As passionate boaters ourselves, we understand how harsh Australian weather can be on inflatable boats. That’s why all Island Inflatables boats are made using state-of-the-art technology and have been carefully designed to withstand hot days.

For instance, all seams are created using high-frequency thermo welding, so they will not split on even the hottest of days. Similarly, our boats come with an overinflation valve to ensure correct air pressure is maintained, despite the heat.

Durable for Years to Come

Our boats are extremely cost-effective, as you can expect to get years of fun and enjoyment out of them, unlike other options currently available on the market. This is because our core design prioritised durability — it’s in fact one of the reasons why Island Inflatables is Australia’s top-selling privately owned inflatable boat brand!

The journey to create the toughest inflatable boat out there began with selecting the strongest PVC available — 1100 D-teck denier (0.9mm thickness). We’ve also double-layered the underside to handle any hidden shells or rocks it may encounter when being launched. This way, you can just get into the water carefree!

This durability extends to the boat’s attachments too. The strakes, for instance, are non-marking while providing protection to the sides of your boat. This is perfect if you intend to use your inflatable boat as a tender — you won’t be worrying about ugly rub marks on your yacht or cruiser.

Additionally, we’ve chosen heavy-duty stainless steel tow rings, complete with large reinforced mounting patches. As a result, you can spend all day — even all summer — water-skiing or tubing and the tow ring will be just as firmly attached.

Made for Everyone to Enjoy

We know everyone has their own ways that they like to enjoy time outdoors and time on the water. That’s why we’ve placed the carry handles internally to the rear, so the boat can be easily carried, fully inflated by one person. So now you can go for those solo jaunts without struggling to get the boat down the beach.

An added benefit to this unique handle placement is that it also prevents them from bumping up against your cruiser or yacht when you use the boat as a tender.

A Smooth, Dry Ride

Even if you’re looking for some excitement and action out on the water, no one wants to be thrown about on the boat ride out and end up drenched before they’re ready. But that won’t ever be a problem with an Island Inflatables boat.

Thanks to our oversized out tubes, your boat will be nice and stable. The one-way bung also makes it easy to drain excess water, even while out on the water. Similarly, even if things do get a bit rough, we’ve positioned the grab rope on the side of the tube, rather than the top, so you’re not bumping into it.

Sophisticated Style

As popular tender boats, we made sure that the style of our boats will never detract from your yacht or cruiser. Available in a clean white with black accents, your Island Inflatables boat will only ever complement your pride and joy.

Plus, the white colouring helps reflect heat, so the boat isn’t hot and uncomfortable to touch on sunny, blue sky days.

Tube AIR Pressures in Squence of inflatation:

  1. Outside Tubes: 3.6 PSI
  2. Inflatable Floor: 10 PSI
  3. Inflatable Keel: 3.6 PSI


  • Material: Heavy Duty 1100 D-Teck denier polyester coated PVC. Weight – 1100 g/m2 Thickness 0.9mm
  • WOOD Floor: Aluminium Sectional Marine plywood with expoxt coatings
  • Inflatable keel
  • Double layer of PVC mateerial on underside of tubes
  • 2 Seats
  • 2 Internal Rear Carry handles
  • Combination Front Carry handle Bow ring with mooring rope
  • 2 Heavy Duty Stainless steel tow rings with extra reinforcing
  • Non-marking all round rubbing strakes.
  • Off-set Safety / Grab ropes
  • 24mm thick marine grade transom with rubber capping
  • Inside / Outside motor plates
  • Self bailing one way bung / drain plug
  • Over inflatation valve
  • 2 Internally sealed bulkheads to equalize tube pressures

Standard Equipment:

  • Dual Action Hand Pump.
  • Carry Bag
  • Set of Oars
  • 2 Seats
  • Repair kit


Package Includes:

  • IW290 Island Inflatable Boat
  • 2 Seats
  • Dual Action Hand Pump
  • Pair of Oars
  • Carry Bag
  • Repair Kit


Overall length
2.9m / 9.6ft
Inside length
Overall width
Inside width
Tube diameter
3 + Floor + Keel
Person capacity
4 Persons
Cargo capacity
Max motor power
10hp / 7.4kw
Boat weight (Boat/Floor/Oars/Seat)
Floor options
Wood Floor