3.65m / 12FT ISLAND INFLATABLE RIB (HYPALON) Aluminium Rigid Base, Australian Designed, Quality Build, Thermo Welded Seams (Copy)

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TRO365 3.65m RIB (HYPALON)

What better way is there to enjoy the warmth of the sun than from a cool and comfy inflatable boat? This summer, take to the water with first-rate inflatables by your side. The Island Inflatables (TROPICS) TRO365 is an attractive, durable, and lightweight boat — the largest in our RIB range. It is generally used as more of a day river boat, but can also double up as a tender for larger boats over 45ft. The TRO365 has beautiful white and grey features that match seamlessly with any larger vessel.

Like all our boats, this item has intelligent features and unusual but useful details courtesy of Island Inflatables. All our boats are designed by us, which is just part of the reason why we are Australia’s #1 privately owned producer of inflatable boats. Most brands you see online and in-store purchase their boats from trade fairs and resell them with new brand names, but not us — our designs are authentic, and our manufacturing processes are far superior.

Built to Withstand Harsh Aussie Conditions

When it comes to materials, Island Inflatables don’t mess around. We use the heaviest grade of Hypalon material possible (1100 denier at 0.9mm thickness), before going into the commercial grades used in the armed forces. We even apply a second layer of Hypalon material on the underside of each tube. This layer provides the extra protection required to withstand the impact of hidden rocks and shells, so you can drag or launch your inflatable boat off a beach with no worries. To further stall the effects of general wear and tear, you can also find non-marking rubbing or wear strips around the side and under the keel of the boat.

What’s more, the seams of the TRO365 are held together using the latest “High Frequency Thermo Welding” (HFTW) techniques, which ensure that the seams won’t come apart due to heat. The flat, rigid base of the boat is a double-skin aluminium floor, making it lightweight but more durable than a fibreglass base. All our boats come standard with an over-inflation valve that is fitted to help with hotter days and increased air pressure. These features are specifically made with hot tropical regions, like far north Queensland, in mind.

Designed For Comfort & Convenience

Every element of the TRO365’s design is based around the need for ease, comfort, and practicality. This was the philosophy we employed when we came up with our very first feature: the internal rear carry handles. Most boats have these handles on the outside rear tubes, which makes it practically impossible for someone to carry the boat on their own. The hard material of these handles could also scratch the side of a cruiser or yacht quite easily. This is why we decided to move the handles from the outside of the rear tubes to the inside. It was a simple solution, but one that immediately made the vessel easier and more convenient to use.

On a similar note, we’ve also placed the safety rope to the side of the tube rather than the top. This allows you to sit on the tubes without pressing up against an uncomfortable rope. The tubes themselves are all oversized, making for a nicer and drier ride as well as a super comfortable place to sit. The tow rings located at the front of the boat are made of large, heavy-duty stainless steel and mounted on an equally large and reinforced mounting patch. Lesser boats will always use a smaller ring and patch with no reinforcing, but the TRO365 will definitely show you why skillful craftsmanship is a game changer.



  • Weight: 79kg
  • Length: 3.65m
  • Width: 170cm
  • Large tube diameter: 45cm
  • Person capacity: 5
  • Max outboard: 30HP/22kw
  • MAX cargo load: 670kg
  • Inflatable Chambers: 3


Tube AIR Pressures of Inflation:

  1. Outside tubes: 3.6 PSI


Standard Equipment:

  • Dual-action hand pump
  • Carry bag
  • Set of oars
  • Repair kit


Package Includes:

  • TRO365 Island Inflatables boat
  • Dual-action hand pump
  • Set of oars
  • Repair kit


Dive Into Summer With the Island Inflatables (TROPICS) TRO365

The smell of sunscreen, the sensation of ocean spray, and the company of good friends—what’s missing? A comfortable, hard-wearing, easy-to-use inflatable boat to make it all happen. Shop the Island Inflatables website today for the best boats on the market!