3.65m / 12FT ISLAND INFLATABLE RIB (PVC) Aluminium Rigid Base, Australian Designed, Quality Build, Thermo Welded Seams

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Island Inflatables Boat SL365 3.65m RIB (PVC)

Aluminium Rigid Base, Australian Designed, Quality Build, Thermo Welded Seams

The largest in our RIB range, the Island Inflatables SL365 is more of a day river boat than anything else. Still, it can be a tender for bigger boats over 14 metres (45 ft). Its rigid base is made of a double-skin flat aluminium floor, making it lightweight yet sturdier than fibreglass. It features a front storage locker for your essentials, such as an anchor, rope and more. Plus, it is coloured white and grey to perfectly match your larger yacht’s aesthetic.

High-Level Production Standards

Island Inflatables boats are proudly Australian designed, utilising the latest High-Frequency Thermo Welding (HFTW) technology to seal all seams, making them extra durable to withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, we use top-grade material — 1100 D-teck Denier with 0.9mm thickness — to ensure your boat is extra strong and long lasting.

Our Original Design

All our boats are originally designed with special features you can only see in our brand. It’s no surprise then why Island Inflatables is the #1 selling privately owned inflatable boats brand in Australia. Our unique features, attention to detail and commitment to innovative boat design, set us above the standards of the rest.

High Quality & Reliable

The SL365 uses oversized tubes, which makes your boat stable in the water. Plus, these tubes allow for wider seats for extra comfort. Similarly, the safety rope is located on the side of the tube instead of the top. This means you can have comfortable seats without a rope getting in the way. Further, the SL365 has a large heavy-duty stainless steel tow ring connected to a large, sturdy mounting patch, so not even the strongest winds and waves can lead your boat astray.

And speaking of moving, one of the first design features we came up with for the Island Inflatables range was the internal rear carry handles. Instead of placing them outside the rear tubes, these handles are found inside. This allows you to carry your boat by yourself and without any help, making your SL365 a lot easier to handle! We want to ensure our boats are extra durable, so you can enjoy them for as long as possible.

So to prevent any wear and tear, our boats have non-marking rubbing or wear strips around the side and under the keel. Plus, the SL365 has a standard over-inflation valve to help with hotter days and increased air pressure. Additionally, we apply a second layer of PVC material on each tube’s underside, so you can easily drag or launch your boat off the water. This gives your boat another layer of protection against hidden sharp objects in the water and sand.

Where Will the SL365 Take You?

Start exploring Australia’s great waterways and more with the SL365 from Island Inflatables. Grab yours today and start making some awesome memories!


  • Weight: 76kg
  • Length: 3.65m
  • Width: 170cm
  • Large tube dia: 45cm for a dryer more comfortable ride
  • Person capacity: 5
  • Max outboard: 30HP / 7.32kw
  • Max cargo load: 670kg
  • Inflatable chambers: 3

Tube AIR Pressures of Inflation:

  • Outside tubes: 3.6 PSI

Standard Equipment:

  • Dual-action hand pump
  • Carry bag
  • Set of oars
  • Repair kit

Package Includes:

  • SL365 Island Inflatables boat
  • Dual-action hand pump
  • Set of oars
  • Repair kit


Overall length
3.65m / 12ft
Inside length
Overall width
Inside width
Tube diameter
Person capacity
5 Persons
Cargo capacity
Max motor power
30hp / 22kw
Boat weight (Boat/Floor/Oars)
RIB Floor
Aluminium Rigid Base