2.3m / 7.6FT ISLAND INFLATABLE RIB (PVC) Aluminium Rigid Base, Australian Designed, Quality Build, Thermo Welded Seams

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Island Inflatables Boat SL230 2.3m RIB (PVC)

Surfing the net for stunning deals on inflatable boats? Well surf no further. Impressively light and compact, the Island (Super-Light) SL230 is the perfect tender for small-medium sized cruisers and yachts.

Designed to Make Your Life Easier

Life’s a beach when you choose practical, well-designed products that are made with the customer in mind. At Island Inflatables, we pride ourselves on designing inflatable boats that not only function flawlessly, but allow for an easy and comfortable ride. Summer is a time for rest and relaxation, so why should your summer activities be any different?

The Island (Super-Light) SL230 has a sleek appearance with a versatile white and grey colour scheme that suits all manner of tastes. Along with looks, there are many elements of our design that take comfort into account. We make sure our tubes are oversized, providing a comfortable space to sit. With large tubes, you can expect a drier and generally nicer ride. We’ve also placed the safety rope to the side of the tube rather than the top, so you can sit on the tubes without being bothered by an uncomfortable rope.

Our design also features Internal Rear Carry Handles. This unique aspect of our design was the first feature we came up with and is something of which we are especially proud. We realised that placing the handles on the outside rear tubes makes it impossible for a single person to carry the boat. It was also noted that these handles are made from a hard material that can easily scratch your cruiser or yacht. The solution was simple but effective: we moved the handles from the outside of the rear tubes to the inside.

Heavy Duty to Withstand Wear and Tear

Only the best-quality materials are used to make Island Inflatables products. Our boats are built with the toughest grade of PVC material possible before getting into the commercial grades. The rigid base of the boat is a lightweight but durable single skin aluminium floor. We also fit our boats with large, heavy-duty stainless steel tow rings that are mounted on a reinforced mounting patch.

Non-marking rubbing/wear strips are placed around the side of the boat and under the keel, while each of the oversized tubes are protected with a second layer of PVC material. Finally, Island Inflatables boats use the latest “High Frequency Thermo Welding” (HFTW) techniques on all seams, ensuring they won’t come apart in the face of harsh, hot weather conditions. The over-inflation valve fitted to all our boats will also help with hot days and increased air pressure.

Why Choose Island Inflatables?

It’s not just our manufacturing processes that make Island Inflatables the #1 selling privately-owned inflatable boat brand in Australia—it’s our unique designs and impeccable attention to detail. At Island Inflatables, we can guarantee that all our boats are designed by us, not purchased at trade fairs and slapped with a brand name later. Shop our incredible range today for inflatable boats you can count on!


  • Weight: 40 kg
  • Length: 2.3m
  • Width: 140cm
  • Large Tube Dia: 33cm
  • Person capacity: 2
  • Max Outboard: 5HP / 3.6kw
  • Max cargo load: 350 kg
  • Inflatable Chambers: 3

Tube AIR Pressures of Inflation:

  • Outside Tubes: 3.6 PSI

Standard Equipment:

  • Dual-Action Hand Pump
  • Carry Bag
  • Pair of Oars
  • Repair Kit


Package Includes:

  • SL230 Island Inflatables Boat
  • Dual-Action Hand Pump
  • Pair of Oars
  • Repair Kit


Overall length
2.3m / 7.6ft
Inside length
Overall width
Inside width
Tube diameter
Person capacity
2 Persons
Cargo capacity
Max motor power
5hp / 3.6kw
Boat weight (Boat/Floor/Oars)
RIB Floor
Aluminium Rigid Base