SL365 – 3.65M RIB

This package includes the SL365 inflatable boat and your choice of:

  • Parsun 4HP 4-Stroke Outboard Motor
  • Parsun 5HP 4-Stroke Outboard Motor
  • Parsun 9.8HP 4-Stroke Outboard Motor
  • Parsun 15HP 4-Stroke Outboard Motor
  • Parsun 20HP 4-Stroke Outboard Motor

Island Inflatables Boat SL365 3.65m RIB

This summer, take to the water with the largest boat in our RIB range! The Island Inflatables (Superlight) SL365 is perfect as a day river boat, but it still double up as a tender for larger boats over 13m (45ft). This boat is made from highly durable 1100 D-teck denier PVC that is 0.9mm thick. Its rigid base is a double-skin flat aluminium floor, making it lightweight but more durable than a fibreglass base.

The boat also has High-Frequency Thermo Welding (HFTW) on all seams to avoid splitting in extreme heat. Finally, it has a front storage locker for all your necessary equipment, such as anchors. Plus, the classic white and grey colour scheme means it will complement any larger boats you are using it as a tender for.


  • Weight: 76kg
  • Length: 3.65m
  • Width: 170cm
  • Large tube dia: 45cm for a drier, more comfortable ride
  • Person capacity: 5
  • Max outboard: 30HP/22kw
  • Max cargo load: 670kg
  • Inflatable Chambers: 3

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Select the Parsun 4HP Short Shaft 4-Stroke Outboard Motor

Weighing in at only 24kg, Parsun’s 4HP is exceptionally light and compact. It has everything you need, including forward, neutral, and reverse gears; a one-handed twist-grip throttle; and steering control. Its cooling system is controlled via thermostat for consistent engine temperature.

This motor also has a 1.3L in-built fuel tank, with the option to use an external tank if needed. Finally, it is water-cooled and produces only an ultra-low amount of emissions. You should also note that the 4HP motor has the same specs as the 5HP, it’s just detuned for a lower HP output option.

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Choose the Parsun 5HP Short Shaft 4-Stroke Outboard Motor

Parsun’s 5HP is simply a more powerful version of the 4HP motor. However, it is just as compact and lightweight at 24kg, with the same forward, neutral, and reverse gears, along with the one-handed twist grip throttle. Enjoy excellent steering control, water cooling, and a 1.3L in-built fuel tank when you pick this exceptional motor.

With this motor, you’ll also have the option to use an external tank. This motor only produces ultra-low emissions too, meaning you can feel good about making an environmentally conscious choice.

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Pair With the Parsun 9.8HP Short Shaft 4-Stroke Outboard Motor

You can’t go past the first twin-cylinder outboard in the range. The Parsun 9.8HP motor makes it possible for the boat to plane at higher speeds. It is also the largest motor in the RIB range, although it is still a lightweight and compact option.

This motor has a driver shaft with a ball bearing and needle roller bearing, which gives it a longer lifespan and greater performance capacity. Plus, the through-exhaust means lower noise and less vibration, while the twist-grip throttle allows for improved safety and manoeuvrability. You’ll also appreciate its innovative CDI system and ultra-low emissions.

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Order the Parsun 15HP Short Shaft 4-Stroke Outboard Motor

When you use the 15HP motor, you’ll feel the speed and acceleration right away. With a total weight of 49kg, this motor comes with a 25L fuel tank and line, and you’ll still be able to remove the engine at the end of the day for storage.

This model has manual start, but it is possible to upgrade your package to electric start for a small extra cost. Simply chat about it with your Island Inflatables or Parsun dealership, and they can sort it out for you!

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Choose the Parsun 20HP Short Shaft 4-Stroke Outboard Motor

If you want the max power outboard you can put on the Island Inflatables SL310, choose the Parsun 20HP motor. This model will introduce you to a whole new level of speed and acceleration for inflatable boats.

With a total weight of 51kg, this model has the best power-to-weight ratio in the Parsun range. It has a manual start carburetor motor and comes with a 25lt fuel tank and line. However, if you’re interested in upgrading to an electric start EFI, please talk to your Island Inflatables or Parsun dealership.

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Make A Splash With Your Brand New Inflatable Boat and Motor

The SL365 Island Inflatables boat package is as good as it gets, with loads of fantastic options. The sooner you choose your preferred motor, the sooner you can hit the water! Order today and enjoy super-fast delivery straight to your door!