Start Your Next Tropical Adventure With the Island TRO270 Boat Series

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TRO270 Hypalon 2.7m RIB

Island Inflatables has always been Australia’s top choice for rigid inflatable boats (RIBs), thanks to our extensive boating experience. We aim to design, create and deliver high-quality rigid hulled inflatable boats to suit boaters across Australia. The Island Inflatables TRO270 TROPICS Hypalon Series is one such state-of-the-art product that is best suited for hotter tropical climates like far north Queensland.

Taking Speed, Portability & Style a Step Further

While Island Inflatables’ TRO230 was designed for speed and to be lightweight — just what you need for a day by the beach under the tropical sun — the TRO270 takes these benefits to the next level. You can call it the big brother to the TRO230 in terms of extra seating space, a larger outboard, and higher speeds.

A spacious, lightweight boat can make a real difference when it comes to enjoying a relaxing evening on the water, a day excursion to the beach, or a casual fishing outing. That is specifically what Island Inflatables’ TRO270 has to offer. Like all our other products, the boat has an over-inflation valve, which makes it easy to handle warmer days and higher air pressure. It is also ideal as a tender for small to medium cruisers and yachts.

Impressive Durability at Your Disposal

High-quality Hypalon is used to make the Island Inflatables TRO270 boat. This is more durable than PVC and best suited for hotter, more humid weather. The boat is constructed using the second-heaviest grade of Hypalon — 1100 Denier at 0.9mm thickness — second only to commercial grades used by the military services.
The most up-to-date high-frequency thermos welding (HFTW) process is used to manufacture all boat seams to further ensure no splitting on even the hottest of days. As further testament to our commitment to the best quality out there, we also use large, heavy-duty stainless steel tow rings set on equally sizable, reinforced mounting patches.

Island Inflatables also uses non-marking rubbing or wear strips around the sides and under the keels of all its boats. This helps to better handle normal wear and tear while minimizing marks on your yacht or cruiser.

Your Style Statement Under the Tropical Sun

The distinctive characteristics and meticulous attention to detail of Island Inflatables boats have helped establish us as Australia’s top-selling privately owned brand in the field. As a result, the fashionable appearance of the TRO270 boats deserves special mention here.

All our boats are created in-house instead of outsourced from trade fairs and rebranded. The sturdy foundation of the boat is a flat, double-skinned aluminium floor, which not only ensures durability but also helps maintain the boat’s lighter weight compared to fibreglass. The base and boat are also superior in terms of aesthetics, utilizing white and grey colours to enhance the beauty of and pride you have in your yacht or cruiser. It also ensures your new inflatable boat looks stunning on the water on its own.

Premium Design for a Premium Experience

All of Island Inflatables’ boat tubes are oversized, which results in improved comfort during use. You can be confident that your ride will also be a lot drier at the same time. To prevent uncomfortable seating for users, the grab or safety ropes are offset and placed on the side of the tube rather than the top.

To prevent damage due to pulling or launching an inflatable boat against any concealed rocks and shells off a beach, Island Inflatables boats come with an extra layer of protection in the form of a second coating of Hypalon on the underside of each oversized tube.

Perhaps most importantly, our easy-to-use, unique internal rear carry handles are what set Island Inflatable boats apart from the competition. Due to the robust construction of the outside rear tubes, having handles on them makes it impossible for one person to carry the boat alone and can also result in scratches on cruisers and yachts.

Island Inflatables has modified this traditional method in order to get over these difficulties by having handles placed internally. With the superior Island Inflatables TRO270, you can easily transport the boat yourself and not worry about scratches on your yacht or cruiser.

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Discover for yourself the joy of the TRO270 from Island Inflatables and enjoy the convenience and quality of an inflatable boat designed for the tropics!