The Ultimate Tropic Experience: Island Inflatables TRO230 Hypalon Inflatable Boat Series

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TRO230 Hypalon 2.3m RIB

With decades of boating experience under our belt, Island Inflatables is Australia’s top choice for rigid inflatable boats (RIBs). We have expanded our collection and price range to suit your varying needs when it comes to high-quality rigid-hulled inflatable boats. One such masterpiece — the Island TRO230 TROPICS Hypalon Series — is a perfect fit for hotter tropic regions such as far north Australia, as well as more temperate climates.

Redefining Portability: The TRO230

When taking to the waves under the tropical sun, the last thing you want is to be dragged down by a heavy boat. Whether it is a casual fishing hangout, a day trip to the beach, or an evening trip out on the water, a compact, lightweight boat can make all the difference.

That is exactly what the TRO230 by Island Inflatables has to offer. The smallest and lightest RIB in the Island Inflatables range, the TRO230 is perfect for small to medium cruisers and yachts. To complement its usability in the tropics further, the boat comes with an over-inflation valve like all other Island Inflatables products, and this helps tackle warmer days and increased air pressure with ease.

Built to Last & Endure

The Island Inflatables TRO230 inflatable boat is made of high-quality Hypalon, which is several times more durable than PVC and hence best suited for commercial use. The second-heaviest grade of Hypalon – 1100 Denier/0.9mm thickness – is next only to commercial grades used in the armed forces and is proudly used in making this boat.

The latest high-frequency thermos welding (HFTW) technique used on all boat seams further ensures the high durability of TRO230 boats against the harsh weather and water conditions of Australian waterways and more. Island Inflatables also uses large, heavy-duty stainless steel tow rings mounted on an equally large and reinforced mounting patch to maintain the highest quality.

We also give special attention to the regular wear and tear of our boats by using non-marking rubbing or wear strips around the sides and under the keels to keep your new boat looking its best and prevent it from marking your yacht.

Make a Splash in Style

Island Inflatables has claimed the status of the #1 selling privately owned inflatable boat brand in Australia, not just because of our range’s unique features but also our attention to detail. All our boats are designed in-house to best meet your needs.

For instance, one of the characteristic features of the TRO230 has to be its stylish appearance. The boat’s rigid base is a double-skinned flat aluminium floor. This is befitting both ergonomically and aesthetically, complemented with white and grey colours to add beauty, pride, and joy to your ride.

Premium Design for a Premium Experience

All of Island Inflatables’ boat tubes are oversized, making for a more pleasant riding experience due to enhanced comfort. At the same time, you can rest assured that your ride is much drier too. The grab or safety ropes are offset on the side of the tube instead of the top to make sure you also have a comfortable seat.

The underside of each oversized tube is coated with a second layer of Hypalon, which adds an extra layer of protection against any hidden rocks and shells when dragging or launching your inflatable boat off a beach.

What stands out most about Island Inflatable boats is our one-of-a-kind internal rear carry handles. Having handles on the outside rear tubes makes it impossible for a single person to carry the boat and can also end up leaving scratches on cruisers and yachts.

To overcome these challenges, Island Inflatables has tweaked the conventional approach and chosen to have all our handles positioned internally. Moving them from the outside of the rear tubes to the inside means you can easily carry the boat on your own, as well as easily bring your tender up to your yacht without fear of scratches.

A State-of-the-Art Choice: Find Your Closest Island Inflatables Dealer Today!

Island Inflatables is Australia’s go-to destination for inflatable boats for recreational fun. Get in touch with your dealer and see just how remarkable the TRO230 is for yourself today!