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When attached to your boat's fiberglass, wood, or metal transom, Dinghy Dolly Wheels deliever increased mobility, enabling you to easily roll your boat over hard ground. The large 3-1/2 wide, 5 diameter wheels will support boats up to 100 kg. The unique two position design allows you to flip the wheels down for moving your boat around, and flip the wheels up out of the way when the boat is in the water. Made of a super-strong graphite-filled copolymer so they won't corrode or deteriorate. Sold in pairs.

This pair of 5" dia. x 3 1/2"W wheels fastens to your rigid transom. Designed for easy movement of small lightweight boats, inflatables, aluminum car toppers and duck boats up to 100 kg.
Made of Graphite filled Nylon resin. Will not corrode.

Keep them up when using your boat, and simply slide/lock them down before going ashore.

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