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New adjustable 3-part stand up paddle board SUP paddle from Island Inflatables, offers excellent performance and a comfortable grip with adjustable height and shaped handle. This SUP paddle is a 3 piece, break apart paddle making it great for transporting and storing in a very small package.

Priced extremely well coming in under half the cost of most other brands of paddles.

The adjustable shaft is made out of anodized aircraft grade aluminium. Making it extremely strong and ultra-light. Coming in at a total weight of only 1kg. The assembled paddle size is easily adjustable from 184cm - 204cm long. No cutting or glueing is required to adjust the size. So no matter what your height or who's paddling your board, everybody can use the 1 paddle.
The paddles blade has an advanced spoon shape to perfectly grab the water through the stroke, then allowing the blade to be released at the end of the stroke without creating excess drag slowing you down.
These paddles were designed to go with our Island Inflatable Paddleboards (iSUP) for minimal storage capacity and ease of transport but we have found our paddles are becoming very popular throughout the paddleboarding community and can be used with any style of paddleboard.

This is a high-precision SUP paddle with all parts fitting tightly, so they won't wobble.
To disassemble the paddle, press the spring lock pushpins on both sides and rotate both parts in opposite directions. Light grease or WD40 can be added to make assembly / disassembly easier.
Light weight only 1kg
Easily adjustable from 184cm - 204cm
Breaks down for easy storage or transport
Extremely strong
Comfortable handle
Perfect blade shape
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