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Kayak / Canoe

Hand Bilge Pump

" It floats "

The Paddler’s Bilge Pump is a well priced quality pump made of heavy duty impact resistant plastic and is extremely light. It pumps 36 litres per minute. It has an easy to grab pump handle and super strong pump shaft for excellent pump action.

The Paddler's Bilge Pump has closed-cell buoyancy foam wrapped around the pump to keep it afloat if dropped and it also doubles as a grip when pumping. So it doesn't slip in your hand.

  • Length: 540mm
  • Fully Extended Length: 920m
  • Width: 50mm
  • Weight: 450 grams

A must have for any Kayak or Canoe

NOTE: Beware of trading companies selling similar items to these, They create fake "brand names" and state they are better quality to get you to pay more. ALWAYS google thier "brand name" to see what comes up. Don't pay more for the same product

1 X Kayak / Canoe hand pump


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